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Nobel Museum

The Nobel Museum illustrates a century of creativity. Visitors can follow the changes of the 20th century through the Nobel Prize and the Laureates, and see the dynamite, the mould and the books that changed the world!

The Nobel Museum is in the heart of Stockholm, the Old Town/Gamla Stan and is well worth a visit

Volvo Cars

Volvo is delighted to be the principal sponsor to the Nobel Museum's Australian exhibition - Beautiful Minds - at the University of Technology, Sydney.

The brilliance of the creative mind is tangible in every Volvo vehicle designed, engineered and produced since 1927. It is this clever thought process that has driven Volvo to become an industry leader and one of the most respected brands globally.

The name 'Volvo' translates from Latin as 'I roll'. Progress by name, progress by perseverance. Volvo is renowned for vehicle safety, and for good reason. Volvo's Safety Centre is the world's most advanced vehicle safety research centre. Every year more than 400 cars and trucks are intentionally crashed to improve vehicle safety and road safety.

Volvo is also extremely committed to environmentally responsible manufacturing, an area in which it is an industry leader for more than half a century.

University of Technology Sydney

UTS is proud to have been selected as the Australian host for Beautiful Minds - an exhibition that marks the Centenary of the Nobel prizes.

A leader in learning and research excellence and incubator of beautiful minds, UTS offers courses for students who will become designers, curators, scientists, economists, lawyers, teachers, activists, journalists, writers, arts administrators - all the professions that come together to create and disseminate knowledge and find solutions to poverty, conflict and social injustice. UTS staff undertake outcomes-focused research that contributes economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits to society.

Dept Education Science and Training

The Federal Department of Edcuation, Science and Training (DEST) provides national leadership and works in collaboration with the States and Territories, industry, other agencies and the community in support of the Government’s objectives. DEST develops and implements policies to ensure the continuing relevance of education, science and training to contemporary needs and the growing requirement for lifelong learning.

DEST sponsored the Beautiful Minds School program.