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Nobel Exhibition

The University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) proudly hosted 'Beautiful Minds' the centennial exhibition of the Nobel prizes in 2007.

Nobel Exhibit History

Curated by the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, Sweden, the Exhibition's international tour visited UTS in April on the penultimate leg of its six year, fourteen city tour before heading to Abu Dhabi. The Exhibition was proudly sponsored by the Nobel Museum, Volvo and UTS. The Federal Department of Education, Science and Training also provided support for the School program.

In hosting 'Beautiful Minds', UTS expressed its commitment to creativity, innovation and peace. The exhibition included scholarly, public and educational programs involving staff and students from across the University as well as the general public.

The Exhibition presents Alfred Nobel the idealist, inventor, entrepreneur, and cosmopolitan, along with the international perspective that distinguished his life and will.

The Exhibit

"What is creativity and how can creative activity best be encouraged?"

"Which is more important to the creative process: the individual or the environment?"

Beautiful Minds examines these questions by presenting selected Laureates and milieus from the 100-year history of the Nobel Prize. The Exhibition does not provide specific answers, but gives visitors the chance to think about these questions for themselves.

Characteristics of creativity are explored through the research of more than thirty Laureates such as physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, the work of Peace Prize Laureate Martin Luther King, and the literary works of Selma Lagerlöf.

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The Exhibition also gives an account of the Nobel Prizes of the 20th Century and well-known Nobel Prizes are discussed against a background of historic events. Controversial Nobel Prizes are also examined, such as the Peace Prize awarded to German journalist Carl von Ossietzky in 1935.

In collaborating with Sweden's Nobel Museum to bring 'Beautiful Minds' to Australian audiences, UTS hoped to promote closer ties between Australia and Sweden.

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